useragents on
useragents nopie
useragents off
This option is only useful if your server logs contain user agent information as a quoted field after the regular common log format fields, or if you have a separate user agent log. See the server notes section for information on configuring popular web servers to log this information in the best possible way. If you have a separate user agent log, use the -u command line option and the -l filename command line option when starting wusage. This produces a special summary report called agents.html in the report directory. It is best to configure your server to log the information in the main log file so it can be included in regular reports. If your log does not contain user agent data, this report will not contain useful information!

If present, the useragents option indicates that wusage should output information about the user agents (web browsers) that were used to access the server. Note that browsers do not always identify themselves. If the useragents option is absent, or set to off, a useragents report will not be generated. If it is set to nopie, the report is generated, but a pie chart is not drawn. This option is useful to determine what web browsers were used to access the site. You may receive unexpected results if your logs do not contain user agent information. See also topuseragents.

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