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Boutell.Com publishes articles about the workings of the World Wide Web, open source tools, shareware products and more. It is the home of the World Wide Web FAQ by Tom Boutell, author of the original 1994 WWW FAQ that gave many of today's web pros their start.

What follows is a short list of more recent projects by Tom Boutell.

September 30th, 2016: Object Oriented Functional Programming at LibertyJS

Object Oriented Functional Programming is a JavaScript technique that brings the code reuse of object-oriented programming back together with the high-level convenience of functional programming. Watch Tom's talk at LibertyJS 2016. Also check out the code examples.

September 29th, 2016: Apostrophe CMS 2.x LTS released

Apostrophe is an open-source, contextual content management system written in pure JavaScript, thanks to NodeJS. Tom Boutell is the lead developer of Apostrophe at P'unk Avenue.

February 11th, 2014: See Your Website The Way Google And Bing Would

An organic SEO tool

SearchVision is handy for all of us who wonder what our websites really look like to search engines like Google and Bing. By stripping out everything that search engines usually ignore, I give you a dose of organic SEO reality. You can follow links to explore your site the way a search engine might... but only if you built it right!

May 14th, 2012: Node Makes Web Development Exciting Again!

I've just launched justjs.com, a blog about all-JavaScript web development. Leveraging node.js (an incredibly extensible webserver written in JavaScript), mongodb (a database with a JavaScript query language) and other JS-based development tools, I'll show how to do serious web development without constantly shifting between languages and reap the performance benefits of Google's super-fast v8 JavaScript engine.

February 26th, 2012: Build your website the easy way with Apostrophe

I am immensely proud of my work on Apostrophe at P'unk Avenue. Apostrophe makes it spectacularly easy to build a website. And there's a great free plan to get started with. If learning the ins and outs of HTML and CSS is not your bag, or you'd just like your clients to be able to edit their sites without a lot of handholding, you should definitely check it out.

June 12th, 2011: seeoverme offers short-range video without the need for 3G or Wifi

seeoverme transmits video via Bluetooth– a short-range networking technology built into your iPhone that doesn't affect your 3G bandwidth limit and doesn't require a cell tower or wifi hotspot to be nearby. With a range of 30 feet, seeoverme makes a great periscope for seeing over and around other people at concerts and parades. Learn more about seeoverme.
Convert video to animated GIF right on your iPhone!

Tom Boutell's latest iPhone app. Post your GIF via Tumblr, send it via email or copy the link to your clipboard and do as you please. Hosting is included. Convert existing videos or create new ones. The GIF blogs will never know what hit 'em. Learn more on figgif.com.

December 2nd, 2010: What Shall We helps you plan good times with friends

What Shall We...

Where shall we eat tonight?

What time should we meet?

What movie should we see?

Boutell's latest web application. Tired of playing cruise director? What Shall We... lets your friends suggest options and vote them up or down. Sharing questions via Facebook or Twitter makes it even easier (not required— you can use it with your office coworkers too). Seeing others respond in real time helps everyone reach consensus fast. Just send out a link and watch the results!

June 16th, 2009: Sync and Speak reads your RSS and Twitter feeds aloud on the iPhone

Our first iPhone application, Sync and Speak reads Twitter updates and RSS feeds out loud. Great for commuters and other travelers who have a need to keep their hands and eyes free.

December 10th, 2008: 5seven5... the social network for haiku poets

5seven5.com is a social network for for haiku poets and their poetry. Share and give feedback on haiku in a twitter-like environment with dynamic voting, follow lists and RSS feeds. Built with Symfony, 5seven5 was the test site for sfApplyPlugin.

November 1st, 2008: salsadelphia.com offers an up-to-date overview of the Philadelphia salsa scene

Salsadelphia is a regularly updated directory of salsa hotspots in the Philadelphia area. Built with Symfony, Salsadelphia provides a perpetual calendar of upcoming events, with convenient filters to display only the events of interest to you. Community-building features such as event photos are slated to arrive soon.

June 11th, 2008: septime.org provides convenient transit schedules via web-enabled phones

septime.org provides information about the next five departures from any stop mentioned in SEPTA's online schedules.

septime.org formats its output in a way that even the simplest of Internet-enabled cell phones and similar devices can handle.

The schedule data has also been made available in XML format for those who would like to build other useful SEPTA-related web sites. See the septime.org about page for more information.

March 18th, 2008: Thomas Boutell joins P'unk Avenue

Thomas Boutell has joined forces with P'unk Avenue, a Philadelphia-based web design agency with complementary skills and a similar commitment to the community. P'unk Avenue has built major interactive sites for Duke University and many other clients. P'unk Avenue makes extensive use of the cutting-edge Symfony framework for web development.

Naturally Boutell.Com will continue to grow as a source of information, and support for Boutell's existing products will continue to be offered.

February 5th, 2008: Boutell releases I'm Free 4, a social calendar for Facebook

I'm Free 4 makes it easy to let friends know when you're free for a meal or an evening out... then match your calendar to those of your friends to discover the best times to get together. I'm Free 4 employs AJAX, PHP, FBML, FBJS and SQL to create a unique Facebook experience.

January 26th, 2008: Supergroup, Join My Band and LOLlograms are Boutell's First Facebook Applications

Facebook's open API for the creation of third-party applications is fantastic and we're excited about it. Our Supergroup application allows users to create their own fantasy rock bands. Our Join My Band is for musicians and singers who want to start real bands where they live. And LOLlograms is good, silly fun for everyone. All three demonstrate our Facebook application development skills. Contact us with your Facebook development needs!

December 17th, 2007: Accountify 2.0 Adds Accounts To PHP Websites

Our Accountify package makes it easy to add accounts to any website. Accountify is a practical, open-source solution for those who want to retain user information from one website visit to the next. Accountify extends PHP's built-in session mechanism to support long-term information storage. Recent updates have added support for invitation management and for customization of the account creation and preference editing process, allowing webmasters to gather their own site-specific information.

November 8th, 2007: SupportMeLive 1.1 Adds Live Chats With Support To Any Site

SupportMeLive is an easy way to invite your users to chat with you live on your web site. Provide technical and sales support or just shoot the breeze with your web site visitors. SupportMeLive began life as a demonstration piece for the WWW FAQ and grew into a simple but solid package for providing live support on small and medium-sized web sites.

October 12th, 2007: Mapedit 4.0 Greatly Enhances Imagemap Editing

Our Mapedit software, long the most user-friendly imagemap editor available, is now the most complete as well. Mapedit 4.0's new features include hotspot alignment, multiple documents, multiple-hotspot and multiple-point selections, an improved insert-point feature, "crisp-angle" polygon edge drawing and a great deal more. Visit the Mapedit news page for more information.

February 22nd, 2007: Boutell CAPTCHA Released

CAPTCHA systems allow websites to distinguish between human visitors and automated attacks. Our CAPTCHA system is a straightforward, developer-friendly, open-source solution easily plugged into any PHP-based web form. Our solution includes a high-quality audio CAPTCHA for vision-impaired users. See the WWW FAQ article how do I add a CAPTCHA to my web page? for complete details.

19 September 2005: Windows and Linux Integration Published

Tom Boutell is the co-author of Windows and Linux Integration: Hands-on Solutions for a Mixed Environment. A practical, hands-on guide to getting the most from Windows and Linux in the same enterprise. Covers authentication, printing, file sharing, email integration, desktop integration, web application development and more. Available now on amazon.com and at your local bookstore! Updates, tips, web-only exclusive extras and discussion forums are available at winlinanswers.com.