WWW FAQ: Amiga browsers

Amiga browsers

An AmigaOS browser that supports many Netscape extensions to HTML, as well as forms and progressive image rendering. This browser is a new, commercial browser from the authors of the Amiga Mosaic port (see below). <URL:http://www.omnipresence.com/ibrowse/>
Browser for AmigaOS, based on NCSA's Mosaic. Supports older Amigas as well as the newer machines in the latest versions. Supports frames as well. See <URL:http://www.omnipresence.com/amosaic/2.0>. See also the FAQ available at <URL:http://www.phone.net/ATCPFAQ/amosaic.html> .
Amiga Lynx
An Amiga version of the Lynx text-based browser. See <URL:http://www.fhi-berlin.mpg.de/amiga/alynx.html>.
Emacs w3-mode
A WWW browser for emacs. Runs under Gnu Emacs on the Amiga. Has fonts, color, inline images, and mouse support if using Lemacs, Epoch, or Emacs 19. Available by anonymous ftp from ftp.cs.indiana.edu in the directory pub/elisp/w3.

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