MSDOS Browsers

NOTE: These browsers require that you have SLIP, PPP or other TCP/IP networking on your PC. SLIP or PPP can be accomplished over phone lines. You can do this one of two ways: using a proper SLIP account, which requires the active cooperation of your network provider or educational institution, or using The Internet Adapter or SLiRP, products which simulate SLIP through your dialup Unix shell account. If you only have non-Unix based dialup shell access, or have no PC at home, your best option at this time is to run Lynx on the VMS (or Unix, or...) system you call, or telnet to a browser if you cannot do so.

DosLynx is an excellent text-based browser for use on DOS systems. You must have a level 1 packet driver, or an emulation thereof, or you will only be able to browse local files; essentially, if your PC has an Ethernet connection, or you have SLIP, you should be able to use it. DosLynx can view GIF images, but not when they are inline images (as of this writing). See the README.HTM file at the DosLynx site for details. You can obtain DosLynx by anonymous FTP from ftp2.cc.ukans.edu in the directory pub/WWW/DosLynx; the URL is ftp://ftp2.cc.ukans.edu/pub/WWW/DosLynx/.
An all-in-one Internet access package for MSDOS. Includes both text-mode and graphics-mode display. Available by anonymous FTP from minuet.micro.umn.edu in the directory pub/minuet/latest/minuarc.exe.

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