WWW FAQ: X/DecWindows (graphical UNIX, VMS) browsers

X/DecWindows (graphical UNIX, VMS) browsers

From Netscape Communications Corp (URL is: <URL:http://www.netscape.com> ). Netscape has consistently released new features first. Version 2.0 supports custom "applets" written in the programming language Java, as well as new HTML features such as frames (displaying more than one document in the same browser window). Netscape also has strong table support, in addition to many extensions to HTML, not all of which conform to the proposed standard. Netscape is a commercial product but can be evaluated free of charge for 90 days by individuals. The 16-bit version works under both OS/2 and Windows. Available by anonymous FTP from ftp.netscape.com in the netscape subdirectory. See Netscape's website for information about mirror sites.
The MMM browser is a Unix/X browser written in the Caml Special Light programming language with a Tcl/Tk user interface. MMM supports HTML level 2 and also supports plug-in "applets" written in Caml Special Light. <URL:http://pauillac.inria.fr/~rouaix/mmm>
NCSA Mosaic for X
Unix browser using X11/Motif. The original multimedia browser. Full http 1.0 support including PUT-method forms, image maps, etc. Recent beta versions have limited support for tables. Available by anonymous FTP from ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu in the directory Mosaic.
NCSA Mosaic for VMS
Browser using X11/DecWindows/Motif. For the VMS operating system. Full http 1.0 support including PUT-method forms, image maps, etc. Probably the best browser available for VMS. Available by anonymous FTP from ftp.digital.com in the directory pub/DEC/Mosaic.
Quadralay GWHIS Viewer (Commercial Mosaic)
Quadralay offers a commercial-grade (not free!) version of Mosaic for Unix systems, with Windows and Macintosh versions expected in the future. (URL is: http://www.quadralay.com/products/products.html#gwhis)
tkWWW Browser/Editor for X11
A Unix Browser/Editor for X11 (URL is <http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/TkWWW/Status.html> ). Supports WSYIWYG HTML editing.
MidasWWW Browser
A Unix/X browser from Tony Johnson. (Beta, works well.)
Viola for X (Beta)
Viola has two versions for Unix/X: one using Motif, one using Xlib (no Motif). Handles HTML Level 3 forms and tables. Has extensions for multiple columning, collapsible/expandable list, client-side document include. Available by anonymous FTP from ora.com in /pub/www/viola. More information available at the URL http://xcf.berkeley.edu/ht/projects/viola/README.
Unix/X Browser using Athena (doesn't require Motif). Supports forms, inline images, etc.; closest to Mosaic in feel of the non-Motif X11 browsers. Available for anonymous FTP from ftp.cs.unlv.edu in the directory /pub/chimera.
Emacs w3-mode
A WWW browser for emacs. Runs under Xwindows, NeXTstep, VMS, OS/2, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, AmigaDOS, or just about any Unix system. Also has fonts, color, inline images, and mouse support if using Lemacs, Epoch, or Emacs 19. Also works in local mode under DOS and on the Macintosh. Available by anonymous ftp from ftp.cs.indiana.edu in the directory pub/elisp/w3.
Arena's primary purpose is to be a testbed for HTML Level 3 documents. As a result, Arena supports many of the new and interesting features of HTML Level 3. As of this writing it is still in prerelease and expectations should be set accordingly! Available by anonymous FTP from ftp.w3.org in the directory pub/www/arena/ .
Enhanced Mosaic
Enhanced Mosaic, from Spyglass, Incorporated, is the commercial version of NCSA Mosaic. Spyglass does sell the browser directly to the public, although you can download an evaluation version to try it out; instead, they seek to license it to various OEMs. You can learn more about their licensing arrangements and the existing licensees from the Spyglass home page (URL is <URL:http://www.spyglass.com/> ).

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