WWW FAQ: What is VRML?

What is VRML?

VRML, the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, is an attempt to extend the web into the domain of three-dimensional graphics. VRML "worlds" can depict realistic or otherworldly places, which can contain objects that link to other documents or VRML worlds on the web.

For more information about VRML, including where to find browsers and other VRML tools for your system, consult the VRML Home Page at Wired (URL is <URL:http://vrml.wired.com/> ) for general technical information about the effort, and the WebSpace home page at SGI (URL is <URL:http://www.sgi.com/Products/WebFORCE/WebSpace> ) for the first VRML viewer to become available. You may also wish to check out the home page of VRWeb <URL:http://hgiicm.tu-graz.ac.at/Cvrweb>, another VRML browser available for Microsoft Windows and the X Window System.

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