Linux Software Map: NEC CDR-260 cd-rom driver

  • Version: 0.3 alpha
  • Entered-date: 1994-09-14
  • Description: A prototype driver for the NEC CDR-260 cd-rom drive. Allows mounting and reading an iso-9660 filesystem. No audio functions are presently supported. Should work with devices on either IDE bus. Driver is built as a loadable module, but requires a few small kernel patches. Patches are supplied as diffs against 1.1.50, but the driver should work with most 1.1 kernels. NEC CDR-260 cd-rom drive, 1.1 kernel, modules utilities
  • (11265bytes)
  • Keywords: cd-rom driver NEC CDR-260
  • Author: ( scott snyder)
  • Maintained-by: ( scott snyder)
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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