WWW FAQ: MS Windows NT and Windows 95 Servers

MS Windows NT and Windows 95 Servers

Note: ALL the servers on this list are 32-bit servers and are incompatible with or not recommended for use with 16-bit Windows 3.1. Servers compatible with Microsoft Windows 3.1 and earlier are covered in a separate list. Many 32-bit servers in this list are compatible with Windows 95 as well as Windows NT.
Microsoft Internet Information Server
<URL:http://www.microsoft.com/infoserv/> Microsoft's Internet Information Server is a free offering for Windows NT. This server supports both CGI and Microsoft's DLL-based interface, although storing state information about the user using the cookie mechanism is not fully implemented for CGI. A detailed FAQ by Stephen Genusa <URL:http://rampages.onramp.net/~steveg/iis.html> is available.
WebQuest 95 and NT
The WebQuest servers, from Questar, offer extended server side include capabilities, easy graphical installation and a bundled HTML editor. <URL:http://www.questar.com>
SuperWeb Server
The SuperWeb server, from Frontier Technologies, is a straightforward NT web server which includes HTML and imagemap editing software. SuperWeb features remote administration capabilities. <URL:http://www.frontiertech.com>
HTTPS (Windows NT)
HTTPS is a server for Windows NT systems, both Intel and Alpha -- based. It is available via anonymous FTP from emwac.ed.ac.uk in the directory pub/https (URL is ftp://emwac.ed.ac.uk/pub/https). (Be sure to download the version appropriate to your processor.) You can read a detailed announcement at the FTP site, or by using the URL ftp://emwac.ed.ac.uk/pub/https/https.txt.

A professional version is also available (URL is http://emwac.ed.ac.uk/html/internet_toolchest/https/prof.htm ).

From Process Software Corporation. For Windows NT. Based on the EMWAC source code, with enhancements (URL is <URL:http://www.process.com> ).
SerWeb for Windows NT
A simple, effective server for Windows NT, written by Gustavo Available by anonymous FTP from emwac.ed.ac.uk as /pub/serweb/serweb_i.zip.
Netscape's Netsite Servers
Netscape Communications Corporation offers two server products, high-end Netscape Commerce Server (capable of secure transactions) and the less expensive Netscape Communications Server. Both products feature a more efficient replacement for CGI (common gateway interface) programming and are designed to be more efficient than traditional free-of-charge servers such as the NCSA and CERN http demons. Both are intended for Windows NT.
Alibaba is Computer Software Manufaktur's NT-based web server, which takes advantage of multithreading for best performance: <URL:http://www.csm.co.at/csm/alibaba.htm>
WebSite (URL is <URL:http://website.ora.com/> ) is a Windows NT-based web server available from O'Reilly. WebSite offers a graphical, user-friendly front end to the server for easy file manipulation, and includes software to track down broken links. WebSite also runs under Windows 95.
FolkWeb WWW Server
FolkWeb is a Windows NT and 95 web server which takes advantage of threads and offers friendly GUI-based configuration. <URL:http://www.ilar.com/folkweb.htm>
Commerce Builder
Commerce Builder is a commercial Windows 95 and NT server. <URL:http://www.aristosoft.com/ifact/inet.htm>
Navisoft Server
The Navisoft Server is available for Windows NT, as well as many Unix platforms, and interfaces directly to a back-end database for powerful search capabilities. <URL:http://www.navisoft.com/index.htm>
Cyber Presence
The CyberPresence Server, available for Windows NT and Windows 95, emphasizes performance issues. The server offers built-in imagemap support and high-performance file access as well as fast DLL-based CGI suport to avoid the overhead of "forking" processes. <URL:http://www.cyberpi.com/>
The SIAC web server for NT (currently free software) offers basic server functionality in addition to a certain amount of in-page programmability. <&RL:http://wwwserver.itl.saic.com/>
Web Commander
The Web Commander web server for NT and Windows 95 is a commercial product which emphasizes ease of use, remote monitoring, and built-in access statistics. <URL:http://www.flicks.com/1webserv.htm>
Common Lisp Hypermedia Server (CL-HTTP)
The CL-HTTP server <URL:http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/iiip/doc/cl-http/server.html> is a web server written entirely in Common Lisp. It is available on many platforms, and can be programmed at a remarkably high level, using Lisp code to generate much of the output of the server. An interesting option when development time is limited.

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