WWW FAQ: MS Windows 3.1 Compatible Servers

MS Windows 3.1 Compatible Servers

Note: IBM OS/2 servers are now covered under a separate heading. Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95-specific servers are also covered under a separate heading. The servers in this list should work under the above operating systems, but there are better 32-bit products available; see the separate listings.
zbserver is a shareware server for Windows which supports both http and gopher access (URL is <URL:http://www.utm.edu/~bbradley/zbs/zbs.html> ).
From Process Software Corporation. For Windows NT. Based on the EMWAC source code, with enhancements (URL is <URL:http://www.process.com> ).
Windows httpd
WinHTTPD (URL is <URL:http://www.city.net/win-httpd/> ) has most of the features of the original NCSA Unix server, including CGI programs (which generate pages on the fly based on user input). CGI programs implemented in Visual BASIC; they can also be implemented in Perl or any other language available for MSDOS. WinHTTPD originated the WinCGI standard now supported by many Windows servers. CGI DOS programs can be conveniently debugged using the CGI-DOS Perl library (URL is <URL:http://infoweb.magi.com/~john/cgi-dos/> ).
A simple, effective server for Windows writtten by Gustavo Estrella. Available by anonymous ftp from winftp.cica.indiana.edu (or one of its mirror sites, such as nic.switch.ch), as the file serweb03.zip, in the directory /pub/pc/win3/winsock.
Chameleon Web Personal Server
Included with the Chameleon TCP/IP software from Netmanage, Inc. Comments, anyone?
Another Windows-based server, available by anonymous FTP from ftp.informatik.uni-hamburg.de as /pub/net/winsock/web4ham.zip.
Alibaba is Computer Software Manufaktur's NT-based web server, which takes advantage of multithreading for best performance: <URL:http://www.csm.co.at/csm/alibaba.htm>
The WebServer product from Quarterdeck is a straightforward Windows 3.1 web server designed to be easy to configure. <URL:http://www.qdeck.com>

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