Web Tech

Innards is a journal of interesting discoveries and commentary on the technology and practical politics of the World Wide Web, of particular interest to webmasters and those who share an interest in the web's workings.

The Linux Software Map is a regularly updated database of Linux applications, complete with a search engine.

The New WWW Frequently Asked Questions List is an up-to-date collection of questions and answers about the web. Tom Boutell maintained the original WWW FAQ starting in late 1993. The new FAQ is an all-new effort, and new questions are being accepted and answered on an ongoing basis.

The Boutell.Com Bookstore offers Tom Boutell's CGI Programming in C and Perl as well as other important works relevant to CGI programming.

Programming 101 By Way of Java is a transcript of an interesting experiment: a free online computer programming class, using Java applet programming to introduce important computer programming concepts.

WWW Newsgroup Charters collects the original charters of the classic WWW-related USENET newsgroups in a single place.

Zip Code Database is a mirror of a useful database of zip codes by latitude and longitude, as well as time zone.