Programming 101 By Way of Java

Nerdsholm Nerdiversity Presents:

Programming 101

By Way of Java

Instructor: T. Boutell

All programs and transcripts Copyright 1996, 1997 by Thomas Boutell and Boutell.Com, Inc. Unauthorized redistribution of these transcripts is not permitted. Reasonable use of the source code as a learning tool and/or starting point for java programming is permitted.

Note: To learn as much as possible from the class transcripts, you will need a Java development tool on your computer. You can get one for free by visiting in order to download Sun's "Java Development Kit." Several other companies, including Microsoft and Symantec, offer user-friendly commercial tools. The class transcripts assume you have already downloaded and installed the Java Development Kit.

10/17/96 Objects, classes  
10/24/96 Packages, methods, 'new' Adding Machine
11/7/96 Events, action(), subclasses  
11/14/96 Casting, class 'Object' Calculator
11/21/96 Exceptions, threads, graphics Sine Wave One and Two
12/5/96 Threads, 'synchronized', arrays LightBeam Game
12/12/96 GridBagLayout, interfaces Pretty Calculator
1/2/97 Sockets, I/O, 'Frame' Talk Client/Server
1/9/97 Apps versus applets  
1/16/97 Scrollbars, properties Map Applet
1/30/97 (Final) Passing arrays, switch, wrapup  

The Assignments

Assignment #1: turn the calculator example applet into a complete four-function calculator.

Assignment #2: add or change something about the sine wave applet, recompile it, and verify that it works.

Assignment #3: Let the user place and remove markers from the game map, using the mouse. The marker, which can be drawn in any manner you like using the Graphics class, should be drawn on top of the terrain for that particular cell. Extra: turn it into a game. The more the better.

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